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In a small seaside town called Crescent City, we spent a month “hibernating” along the coast. We only left to explore the Marina and discover local seafood restaurants, or so it seemed. It was the perfect small corner of the world to hide away for a while. During this slow season, where only stragglers walk the beaches, it’s quiet and only the sound of the waves, the sea lions, and the fog horn were to be heard all day and night. I combed the beach for little treasures- a pocket full of white shells, blue oyster shells, glossy stones, and rusty old bottles. Something about the textures provided by the beach have always inspired me, the simplicity of the tones and the ocean’s effect on weathering these treasures. Old driftwood smoothed by endless waves, agate pebbles shining mossy green when wet with the salty sea water. I find that I’m a bit of a magpie, collecting pebbles, shells, feathers and all manners of odds and ends wherever we go. I even have a hard time not bringing too many souvenirs back to the Airstream from each excursion, since there’s not much room to keep it all. But each one is linked to a good memory and has become part of our home in some way or another, such as killer pine cones collected from a golden hillside, or a cattail from Big Sur, as long as my arm, that hangs above the window. A jar full of shells and stones and crystals, creating a layer of memories to admire, all stacked together like a collective piece of art. I love it, this part of seeing the world… getting to take a little piece of it with me.


Dress/Bra: For Love and Lemons
Necklace: Tribe Jewelry
Socks: Free People
Boots: Faryl Robin for Free People
Cuff: St. Eve Jewelry
Rings: Torchlight Jewelry, Indie & Harper, Midsummer Star


















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  • Serena says:

    How do I get to do what you do? Show me your ways please? My two passions are art and nature and lately I’ve been trying to figure out how to make that a lifestyle