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Barrio Viejo


Just a quick post coming at ya before we head off the grid again for our Fall Campaign. I’ve been wanting to edit more Sunset Road exclusives for you, but traveling has been keeping us busy. Life is certainly a lot slower when towing a 31′ vintage Airstream behind you everywhere you go. You’re more aware of where you’re going, how fast, and if you can fit or turn around if needed. And there is absolutely NO rushing, because when you try, things go horribly wrong. Most important lesson learned- just enjoy life in the slow lane. Live day to day as it unfolds, and roll with the punches. You can’t force anything, and you’ll regret it if you try! I’m learning to apply this to my everyday life in general!

Well… here’s another peak at one of the segments from our Summer Campaign in Tucson, that was dedicated all to Spell’s now released lookbook Sunset Road. Hope you enjoy! And see more of the series on their blog!

The Barrio Viejo… it means “old town” in Spanish. The remnants of a dusty little mexican village, rich with its history of culture, lies right inside of Tucson like a little hidden gem. You turn a corner into what you might think is a rundown neighborhood, only to find yourself lost in rows and rows of old adobe houses in many colors and textures. I felt transported to Mexico- to a different time. The streets were desolate during the sunbaked days, but at night the locals peddled around on bicycles and music could be heard floating through the night air and down the streets. I knew immediately that the people who reside here now either have a love for art and history in their bones, or maybe had their casa passed down to them from family to family. Now protected and being restored, this little corner of Tucson found a place in my heart, as hot as it may be!

This was actually one of the first places I looked for when we set off to shoot for the Sunset Road campaign. It was in the process of being restored by its new owners, and we were lucky enough to snag some photos against the beautifully textured backdrop. I baked in the sun with cheeks turning rosy and sun kissed, as for a moment I sat and played snippets of classical music on the guitar, inspired by my surroundings.

Continue to stay tuned for more exclusive images of our Sunset Road adventures for Spell!


Dress & Boots: Spell Designs
Belt: Love Strength
Necklaces: Gold Barr LA, Jane & Rye
Rings: Saints of Bohemia, Tribe Jewelry, Wild Heart Jewellery, Midsummer Star

Guitar is my beloved Cordoba that I’ve had with me for some years now. It has since been adopted by Nomad who plays much much better than me, and who should really share his music someday! (We are working on it!)










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