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On our way to Salvation Mountain, we passed these guys and I made Josh stop so I could be a kid and step into what seemed like a timeless zone in the desert. I was feeling the 70’s vibes, and continued the bandana trend I was hooked on from our Coachella survival days earlier that week. The dust can really kick up and desert life has taught me to be prepared. It’s an accessory I became fond of during our musical festival adventures, and let’s just face it, I looked to feel like a badass bandit.

The Cabazon Dinosaurs became a huge hit after a lot of us bloggers shared them with our followers. What was once a desolate stop and childhood playground of the past, is starting to become more and more iconic. Maybe we’ll bring them back into flourishing business! These dinos had been on my travel bucket list for a while and I was so happy we happened to pass them during our rod trip. It was great to stop and brave the heat for photos that will always remind me of the iconic California desert.

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Reckless Seekers of Beauty


I’ve learned a lot about the art of Wandering. It seems like it could be so easy, but it’s not! You develop intuition after a while, that leads you to hidden places, or amazing sights to see. You have to develop patience, because you won’t always end up somewhere interesting, but the point is, you let go long enough to enjoy the ride. It’s not always the destination, but sometimes the journey that is the best part of wandering. Road trips are the best way to learn more about yourself and do a little soul searching.

I believe in seeking out amazing things wherever we go. I love experiencing something I’ve never experienced before, more than anything. If you learn to open your mind to it all, it’s like the adventure finds you and softly shapes you. You ride the road, and you can’t fight it. You have to allow the experience to be what it is, and not try to force it to be something it’s not.

You can meet such unique characters, and what’s crazy is that a lot of the time, they will say something profound that seems like they’ve known you all along, or can read your heart. There’s something magical about when strangers cross paths for a brief moment in time. We both know we are heading our own separate ways soon, and we likely won’t see each other ever again, but it’s important that we met. I get this funny feeling like I shouldn’t rush through the odd conversation. And then there it is, some amazing phrase that just stands out to you, and you know it’ll stick with you. And maybe it changes your life a little, and shapes you. That’s the beauty of it all- letting the world leave a mark on you, and you leave a mark on it. Because, don’t we just belong to each other?

We are wanderers, all of us. We just have to free our feet.

We are the reckless seekers of beauty.

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I’d like to formerly introduce the other half of Ready Gypset Go, my love, Josh! You may know him as @NextDoorNomad on Instagram, or Nomad for short. As the blog has evolved into being much bigger, he has been behind the scenes working side by side with me. We both do the photography and videography for RGG, as well as work on the back end of the blog. I do the design work and he does the coding and helps run the site.

But other than that, I’m excited to let you guys get to know Josh more as the blog heads in this new direction of life on the road. He is also an amazing musician/guitarist (and player of most instruments) and his music is going to become a big part of the blog as it develops. He’s one of those musicians who plays for the love of playing and expressing himself, influenced by the feelings of the moment. I’ve always wanted a place for his music on the blog, and now that it’s becoming home to all our nomadic gypsy life musings, you will get to be the first ones to hear his songs and download the tracks as they hit the blog!

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Mermaid Vibes

Mermaid Vibes - Ready Gypset Go

So happy to release the photos I modeled for when I met up with the portrait/fashion photographer Tori Ray! We’ve been friends via instagram and Facebook for a couple years and it was awesome to finally meet up in person for some creative collaborating! I styled some of my favorite Andi Bagus pieces and we ventured around on the hidden beach, the one that we ended up spending three days on because we loved it so much!

I haven’t modeled much for other photographers, so it was great to work with Tori and experience two photographers meshing their knowledge of shooting. Being a photographer myself and more new to modeling, it was great to work together and really connect that way, to create something together.

Stay tuned for more lovely photos from this shoot with Tori!

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Sailor’s Omen

Sailor's Omen - Ready Gypset Go

The great thing about being a wandering blogger is getting to meet up with those brands I’ve known for ages on Instagram. I love that the Instagram community is so friendly and creative, and it truly does bring people together in so many ways. I’ve followed Ashley with her brand Sailor’s Omen for a few years now, and it worked out perfectly that we could meet up when we passed through the historic pirate town, Saint Augustine, and shoot her Spring/Summer 2015 campaign for her new site and collection of handmade jewelry.

She styled the shoot and provided the clothing, jewelry was of course by Sailor’s Omen, and the bikini is from Eberjey.

The pink sunset was my favorite part! And though it looks like a wonderfully beautiful day, it was actually early spring, and the water was frigid! (See the gif outtake at the end!)

We pulled together really well for our shoot and I’m so excited I got to work with Ashley, who’s such a unique and creative soul. she was so kind and welcomed us over for dinner to her amazing home, full of color and almost caribbean vibes. All around, love her vibe. Be sure to check out her new site and the latest collection of jewelry! New pieces dropping every day!

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