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Dusk at the Mountain


As a goodbye to summer, I release this blog post that has been hidden away in my drafts for so long. You could say this was the highlight of my summer because it was, in a way, the beginning all the new things that would come at us for Ready Gypset Go. Looking back to this moment, I can see how much has happened in the short months of summer, how much I have grown, and how far this adventure has taken us so far. It all may have seemed but a dream on a bucket list at one point, but I promise you, all I strive to do is make my dream my reality. It is one of my core beliefs that we are all given passions because they are our calling, and you are supposed to chase them. A much happier life comes out of finding meaning in what we do. So here’s to summer 2015… may it last in our memory and inspire us to keep on keeping on.

Salvation Mountain
Summer 2015

It’s funny how I don’t really have much of a bucket list, for being a person inclined to travel the world. I’m more of a wanderer, allowing my path to take its own course as each day unfolds. Though there are a few things I have on my travel list that I dream of experiencing, and one of those was to watch the sun set from the top of Salvation Mountain. And it was just as magical as I dreamed it would be…

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Old Tucson


We were drifting through a sea of tall cactus, the winding road smoldering in the desert sun. As we drove our airstream through Saguaro National Park, we stumbled upon Old Tucson Studios. I had seen photos of the old western movie set while scouting locations for our campaign, but didn’t think we would end up south enough to visit. When we passed the sign, I knew we had to go. If you know your Old Westerns, many classics were filmed here. Growing up with a western movie buff dad, I have a sort of respect for the films engrained in me. I had to go capture some photos, if only just for the sake of being able to say I was there. And naturally, I had to wear the most beautiful Peasant Skirt & Top from Spell Designs. It was a vision from some dusty western dream.

We pulled into a ghost town in the desert. No one was there. It was off season and they were closed. We asked a few people if there was any way we could take some photos on the “main street” of the movie set town. One person referred us to another, and soon we were offered a quick 15 minute opportunity to explore the set and shoot.

If any cowboy movie stands out to me, it has to be Tombstone. So we drove into the heart of the town to the little spot that was the opening scene of the 1993 Tombstone film. It was a bit nostalgic feeling. All the buildings exactly the same as you’ve probably seen in many western movies, commercials, music videos, etc. Even though it was 100 degrees and we only had a few minutes, it was such a blast getting to step onto this little piece of “history” and take a slice of it for our own adventures and the blog. I love chasing down these opportunities to make memories that will be part of the life long tale we are writing, every day, with Ready Gypset Go. And I love getting to share it with anyone and everyone!

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chasing mountain tops


We returned to the hidden place in the California mountain tops. It was exactly as I remembered, years later. The first time we ventured across the country in our jeep, we visited this place and fell in love with the view. This time we returned to meet up with the shoe brand Bed Stu for a collaborative photo shoot. It was rather cold, being spring, and I was still really sick from Coachella and traveling. Road trip life can be harsh, and not as glorious as it all may seem. But what makes it beautiful is how the struggle is always worth the scenery and the memories. And, of course, the photos!

It’s odd to see how we’ve come full circle. How the inexperienced road trippers have become nomadic gypsies, who love the challenge and the constant change. We were first here as soul-searching photographers. We returned, knowing more about who were are and what we desire- what we are passionate about. We’ve developed into better artists with honed in skills. I’ve turned my passion into a career. And even though it’s a career in its baby stages, it’s carrying me through the highs and lows, which is all I could ever ask for.

Summer is saying its last goodbyes and fall is coming. Everyone can feel the changes that come with it. I feel like this is not only the end of the season, but the end of a chapter and the beginning of new opportunities. I can feel it tingling on the surface of my skin. The excitement that bigger things are on the horizon, and so so close.

I’m a constant dreamer. And I also never give up. I’m sometimes starstruck with the things I’m reaching, and the new goals that lie ahead within sight. I’m touching the fabric of the things that used to be dreams, and it lets me know that we can follow our dreams. They lead us someplace magical. It’s not the easy road, but I can take the road less travelled. Because that’s what life is all about- discovering ourselves and living according to our calling, not someone else’s.

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Flo the Airstream


I suppose I should talk about how Flo the Airstream came to be (and was always) a part of Ready Gypset Go, and our home on the road.

Well, the concept came to me after our very first road trip across the country to California. That was over 2 years ago. We camped out of our jeep, and purchased 4 star hotels for cheap deals at midnight, just so we would have a place to sleep and shower. We weren’t as experienced then as we’ve become now, at living the homeless life! When we got back, it was decided that life on the road was the life for us. The constant change of scenery, the excitement of not knowing where you’re going next and the challenge of a different type of life style that no one could really tell you how to live… it was all exactly what called to me.

Time went by and soon Ready Gypset Go was born. I started fashion blogging shortly after that summer road trip, and though I was an experienced photographer, I was starting at the beginning with blogging. But like everything I do and love, I am extremely determined to push myself to become better and to discover myself further. I never knew then of where I’d be now. I never thought I’d become a full time blogger, or live on the road full time. But after a year of learning the blogging ropes, I realized this was something I found myself in. I got to express myself through multiple outlets (a huge deal for me as an artist)- photography, fashion, writing, and developing my voice, and getting to work side by side with my soul mate. I decided I wanted to make this my life, my full time job.

The dream of being a traveling blogger with my musically talented hubby, Josh, and creating beautiful things wherever we roam, became the goal. A truly free life, not tied down by a place or rent or jobs or fears. I’ve always broken the mold, even when I was just the outcast in school. But it all just fit together now. We planned and researched and prepared for this…

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the amber road


in these days we’ll live in love, and like stubborn children we’ll hold on.
becoming untamed by this wild feeling, it lets us loose.

but we’re grown up. chasing down amber roads,
and you tuck back my golden hair, kiss my shoulder, and tell me to always be near.

i’ll make you promises that i know you trust, to find the gold beneath the husk.
and when autumn comes i’ll miss the heat, sticky skin and white bed sheets.

now all the birds in the yard have taken off in the wind- it’s the last time i’ll see them
again till spring. you’re black tea eyes are waiting, watching. your fog breath on the window glass.

all the clock’s unnumbered tickings counting out the silence passed,
like when we lay on the naked floor, listening to the rain come in the front door.

and the peace beneath the floorboards seeps sleepily into our skin,
along with aches of the cold in our young and old bones. so slumber-ridden, my tired eyes.

well i love you, my dream boy. i love you as the leaves are born to turn and die.
and even the wind is howling, a simple-minded, jealous cry

because it’s just the same as us- it doesn’t want to know, it wants to feel.
before the sun sets too soon, before the brightness in our eyes fades away.

this season i’m forgetting the crickets, and remembering your laugh.
wrapped in your blanket arms, your comforting truth lasts

as warmth in my fingers from your soft hot palms,
or silence under the autumn air, where the mountains wait, calm.

and the wild young feeling sleeps inside my veins, they say it’ll only lead me astray.
but everyday i’ll give in to it, for you- my unconquerable soul.
to never die young, to never grow old.

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