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Bloggers Who Brunch LA


So much has happened in the last couple months, I haven’t had time to edit any photos or post to the blog! Among many of the travels and events, I was stoked to join some fellow blogger babes (and some fellas) at Bloggers Who Brunch LA. Of course the venue at SLS Beverly Hills Hotel was amazing, and the BRUNCH was even better. Not gonna lie, I literally stuffed my face the whole time and drank many mimosas. I had only slept 3 hours the night before, after driving back from La Jolla, and I felt like I hadn’t eaten all week.

This brunch was sponsored by the Bumble app and Color Pop, and featured some lovely and successful ladies on the panel who gave some great insight into their businesses. I only wished that it could have been longer, as it was too much fun getting to know everyone and play in the Photo Booth.

Alex Georgy is such a sweetie, and so impressive for organizing such a great event. I give her major props for putting this all together with such class. I love nothing more than getting together with some great humans over a common passion, and I hope to be at the next one, and see some of you there too!

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Summertime Sadness


Summer is closing out, and like always, I feel like it all went by in the blink of an eye. I’m a summer baby, so I never want it to end.

*Queue Summertime Sadness*

I know I’ve been MIA from the blog for a while. I’ve had a few different big projects in the works, and juggling everything has been a challenge. And honestly, social media has been a major bug kill with the new Instagram update. I feel a major disconnect from you guys and I hate it. I’m working overtime just to keep it going, and I won’t lie, it’s wearing on me. Blogging is a constant dance between pleasing everything, and doing what you love. Things have taken me away from what I love, and some people have let me down. It’s life, but it’s coming time where I need to focus on my passions and not give a shit about everything else. I need to be rejuvenated, and I’m reinventing myself. I’m excited for the new things to come, I’m inspired by it. I’m so ready for change.

Does anyone else feel like things are changing this next year? I can feel it in the atmosphere. For both the good and bad, maybe. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned this season, it’s that I want to be LIVING in my life. And something about the last couple months made me clearly realize what I want and don’t want. My heart tells me it’s about time I steer my focus away from the things that don’t fulfill me, and find the beautiful things that do- whether big or small.

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Chasing Endless Summer | Film

I’m so excited to finally share the film we shot for Sea Gypsies Fall 2016! We’ve been teamed up with their designer for a while now, working together to create the story behind each campaign. I personally love this one, as it turned out really magical! We shot at one of my favorite place- El Moro Canyon at Crystal Cove/Laguna. I always love this spot because it’s sort of a hidden gem for camping and beach getaways.

We were lucky enough to connect with VW Surfer Wagons, who provided the bus for this shoot. I instantly fell in love with our happy little orange bus, after getting to shoot with it for 2 days and drive around town blasting Beach Boys tunes. It was like we were literally transported back in time to the 70’s, and I think because of that we were able to capture those vibes so well in the film. It was inspired by those lasting moments of sunny days, chasing the endless summer, VW Bus road tripping down the coast, watching the horizon for surf, lazing in the back of the VW, playing old records, and strumming my guitar to the tunes. I styled the “Gold Dust Woman” look book, as it was named, to encapsulate those effortless retro vibes, and I really love how it all turned out. I hope you enjoy the film!

Stay tuned for the photos to hit the blog next!

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Runaways in Love (part 2)


I finally bring you part 2 of our “Runaways in Love” series, AKA the Celestial Canyon campaign for Lovestrength! Josh and I both shot and modeled this together, and it was such a great opportunity to really capture our love. We put a lot of love and hard work into this series for one of our favorite brands, focusing on their motto “through love comes strength.” Those words couldn’t be more true, and it’s a truth I value greatly in any relationship!

Stay tuned for the beautiful video from this shoot, coming up next!

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We found ourselves on set in a dreamy jungalow, somewhere up in the hills of Laguna. We were shooting the Spring 2017 / resort campaign for Sea Gypsies in a mini mansion, where around every corner was something beautiful and exotic. On every balcony was a lookout over a palm tree forest, gardens, turquoise waters winding through the house and yard, and the view of the colorful Laguna coast. It was almost too much beauty to take in, and I quickly got overwhelmed.

People probably don’t expect it, but I’m very sensitive to my surroundings and the vibes around me. People, places, and things can all either enhance or inhibit my artistic vision. When I’m shooting for the blog or for clients, I become very open. I’m creatively expressing myself through styling, directing the photography and video, and opening myself up as the subject and model. I’m in a situation where it’s personal, it’s art, and it’s also work. Unlike what a lot of people think, to be the creator on all fronts of my work takes a ton of effort and pulls a lot from me. I have to fight to stay balanced and focused, and not get overwhelmed with everything there is to do during a production. And I wouldn’t survive without Josh being my main support and partner in everything. He is photographer and videographer 80% of the time, and has to deal with my artistic personality on the daily! Insecurities, inspirations, and existential crisis alike. I don’t just float around taking gorgeous pictures all the time… I work, I create, I dissolve into each project. And with each new glimmer of inspiration, I come to life and evolve.

We explored this stunning location before heading to the private beach for the campaign, and I couldn’t help but capture some photos for the blog to share a little glimpse into my favorite spots. The outdoor lounge was straight out of a jungle dream, with high ceilings, palm trees growing along the walls, and shell curtains draping down each side. The river way of turquoise water had turtles and koi fish, which led us through the windowed house, through the garden, to the pool and a little treehouse. I didn’t even know where to start because it was all so amazing, and could barely capture it all and due the location justice. But here is just a glimpse!

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