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Mad for Mauve

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This fall, I realized I started gravitating towards dusty pastels. With the heat sticking around thanks to Indian Summer, and the Cali lifestyle holding on to summer, I felt like typical fall colors were just not working for me. When shooting this For Love & Lemons series, I cozied up in this sweater, and just couldn’t stop thinking how much I loved the color for fall! It’s still light enough of a color to fit my pastel loving aesthetic, and warm/neutral enough to seem cozy and earthy for fall. I had been struggling to figure out my vision for fall and my wardrobe after such long summer months, and my mauve discovery took me in a new direction I was excited to explore.

What’s great about mauve, is it really comes in many shades and tones, and pairs well with just about anything. Greys, beiges, champagnes, black or white- I keep styling it with many different looks and loving it every time! I think it’s safe to say I’m mad for mauve this season. You’ll see it tinting the photos of my blog and Instagram with warmth, and soft, neutral pastel shades.

Have you tried this color yet? I think it’s one of my favorite takes on a fall trend this year!

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Black Magic Woman | part 1

Sarah Loven in white VW Bus for Sea Gypsies Holiday 2017

If you loved the sneak peek of the Black.Magic.Woman video you saw on my Instagram, get ready to scroll through a bunch of good retro vibes below! I’m excited to finally share Part I of the Sea Gypsies Holiday 2016 lookbook! Like the Fall lookbook, we carried over the same story of a wanderlusting, nomadic, independent woman who chases adventure and the open road. And maybe a little love! (Special appearance by Josh)

This collection, designed by my friend Rachael Anne Rainwater, probably spoke to me the most of all the 6 campaigns I’ve shot for them so far. So it was super fun to style and bring her clothing and vision to life with our story telling. As usual for the Sea Gypsies shoots, I styled, modeled, directed, and edited, while Josh photographed and filmed it. It was sort of run and gun with this one, coming up with the vw bus last minute, and having spent the 2 days previous driving around looking for the perfect locations. We probably didn’t rest for 3 days straight until the shoot was through. And even then, I had to turn around the edit asap for the catalog going to print within the week. You can say we’ve become specialists a creating campaigns last minute, haha!

My favorite looks had to be the blue suede slip dress, and the white lace jumpsuit! Find all the outfit details below for each product! Some color options or pieces will be released later on this season!

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Bloom Baby


Bloom, baby, because that’s what flowers do.
Give them grace, and your vibrant hues.
Grow and glow, don’t let them touch you.
Because, baby, you got nothing to lose.

Let them say what they want to say.
Let them behave or misbehave.
Let them whisper or stare or hate,
Because, baby, you’re loveliness isn’t up for debate.

You never were a wallflower.
You could light up the room for hours;
With your cheeky smile and your funny way,
You command any rainclouds away.

And baby, you should never be afraid,
to say what you need to say.
Send your words into the world, like an arrow.
Speak straight from the heart.

With love in everything you do, you’ll never miss the mark.

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Dear Vogue, Watch Out

Sarah Loven, Blogger, Letter to Vogue

Dear Vogue, watch out.

You may have been the gatekeeper of the fashion world for decades, but some of us bloggers have been able to establish ourselves in less time than that. We are the new wave of the industry, whether you like it or not! Your authority is being challenged, as we have taken matters into our own hands. Because we love fashion just as much as you do.

Some of us bloggers hold many skills- we are models, keeping ourselves in shape and working to be the best version of ourselves we can. We are stylists, staying educated on the trends, but also declaring our own personal style, while simultaneously catering to our fans. Some of us are photographers, having honed in our skills, doing all our own shooting and editing, with expensive gear and softwares we ourselves invested in. We are computer wizards, learning how to code and design our own sites, and handle our own IT and SEO. We are public relations, making connections with brands, designers, and boutiques all over the world, creating a united network. We are a voice, establishing our writing abilities to cover many topics, sometimes stretching to the vastness of what many magazine journalists cover. We are passionate, reaching out to people and earning their interest and respect by inspiring them with what we have done, and the prospect of what we can accomplish. Bloggers are fierce, watch out!

So my dear Vogue, perhaps it’s time you realize that the fashion industry is ready to be let loose from your reigns. Because we are here to stay.

PS- I don’t borrow my clothes. People like my style so much, they borrow them from me. 💁🏼

#dearVogue #bloggersarefierce

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Korakia | part 2


We arrived at Korakia in Palm Springs right after the sun dipped behind the rocky mountain backdrop. The earth still radiated with a heat I’d never experienced before. I’ve been in Death Valley on the salt flats in the direct sun, and I’ve been in Tucson during August. But this was different. It was like standing in a clay oven heated by the sun, and radiating with the solar energy. It was quite the experience, but I sort of got used to it by the end of our stay.

We shot for Spell for 2 days, and before leaving I was determined to take location photos of every pretty thing I saw and fell in love with while there. So we walked around, camera in hand, snapping away. It was nearly impossible to stand in the sun longer than 15 seconds. Even for the above photo I had to keep running to the shade in-between shots to keep from frying. You could have fried your bacon on the sidewalk! And speaking of breakfast, we had the most delicious avocado toast with tomatoes, early in the morning, under a canopy of umbrellas and tree branches strung with moroccan lanterns.

Every little corner of Korakia holds something beautiful and inspiring. Like I’ve said, it’s photogenic from every angle. I could have shot there for days had I had the time and the temps were lower. It was quite the survival process making it through the 2 days we were there!

Palm trees swayed above, casting long shadows on daybeds. The pops of color from the bougainvillea bushes scattered throughout the hotel brought the desert to life. Little nooks created with billowing white curtains provided escapes from the sun, while the 2 different pools became the watering hole for us and the other guests to destress and mingle. There wasn’t much to do out there besides let go of any of your cares and just be in the moment.

Moroccan music plaid from hidden speakers around the hotel, so I felt transported to another world. I was sweating profusely just to traverse the winding paths through the pensione in order to capture these photos, utterly grateful for my favorite straw hat to keep me protected from the sun, but I knew it was all worth it to have these amazing photos to share and keep forever!

I hope you enjoy them, and be sure to share to Pinterest! Comment below if you love these types of photos and would want to see more resort and wanderlust photos on the blog here!


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