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the amber road


in these days we’ll live in love, and like stubborn children we’ll hold on.
becoming untamed by this wild feeling, it lets us loose.

but we’re grown up. chasing down amber roads,
and you tuck back my golden hair, kiss my shoulder, and tell me to always be near.

i’ll make you promises that i know you trust, to find the gold beneath the husk.
and when autumn comes i’ll miss the heat, sticky skin and white bed sheets.

now all the birds in the yard have taken off in the wind- it’s the last time i’ll see them
again till spring. you’re black tea eyes are waiting, watching. your fog breath on the window glass.

all the clock’s unnumbered tickings counting out the silence passed,
like when we lay on the naked floor, listening to the rain come in the front door.

and the peace beneath the floorboards seeps sleepily into our skin,
along with aches of the cold in our young and old bones. so slumber-ridden, my tired eyes.

well i love you, my dream boy. i love you as the leaves are born to turn and die.
and even the wind is howling, a simple-minded, jealous cry

because it’s just the same as us- it doesn’t want to know, it wants to feel.
before the sun sets too soon, before the brightness in our eyes fades away.

this season i’m forgetting the crickets, and remembering your laugh.
wrapped in your blanket arms, your comforting truth lasts

as warmth in my fingers from your soft hot palms,
or silence under the autumn air, where the mountains wait, calm.

and the wild young feeling sleeps inside my veins, they say it’ll only lead me astray.
but everyday i’ll give in to it, for you- my unconquerable soul.
to never die young, to never grow old.

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Once upon a time I had never seen Saguaro Cactus before. Little did I know how strange, elusive, and gigantic there actually were. You never quite get the sense from photos of them, but these fellas (the ones hunted down) were up to 25 feet tall. And they don’t even grow their first arm until their 100 years old. So you can imagine the kind of terrain and time these wild things must grow in. The first time I saw one of the iconic Saguaros, it was sort of the feeling you’d get if you saw an alien for the first time. I couldn’t stop yelling out how strange they were, scattered across the rocky canyons like long fingers against the sky. I began to feel like I was on another planet.

While designing the Gypsetter shirt with my good friend Melanie, who works beside me constantly for the RGG designs and illustrations, I kept thinking of what represents the Gypset life. I was preparing to head west about the time we started working on the design, and I kept thinking about the rare and iconic symbol of the west, the Saguaro Cactus. I asked Melanie to create a design including one and some cactus blooms, and she came up with the cutest illustration. We drafted a few different versions and finally landed on one we both loved, bringing all the elements of the desert together. She hand drew the design and the font, making it 100% unique to fitting the style of the RGG blog.

What sparked the idea of creating the Gypsetter shirt came from, well lots of inspiring clothing seen over many seasons and brands, but mainly my desire to create the perfect tank that I want to wear every day. I usually lean towards throwing on something ultra soft and comfortable, especially for the countless hours of road tripping. It had to be great for hot weather, but perfect for layering up in each season. Whites are my go-to when wearing what I love, so that was only natural we chose to put the design on a white shirt.

I wanted to expand my horizons and work with brands in a different way. Weekend Society has always been awesome, and I had collaborated with them for a couple years now, even before the birth of Ready Gypset Go when I was a fashion photographer. The guys behind the brand are so awesome and chill, always inspired by adventure, and they put that vibe into their shirts. I searched around for different brands to bring my shirt concept to, but it was a natural fit with Wknd Society, as we both are driven by wanderlust. And so the production began.

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Into the Woods


We ventured into the woods in search of that rich green, escaping the thunderclouds that chased us our whole drive there. Hiking up the slippering pine needled hill, and down into a dry river bed, I felt a bit like a character out of Camelot in my earthy silk dress from Love Nomadic, and these stunning leather gladiators from Faryl Robin. I accented with simple silver adornments and paired with a knit fringe vest, and leather fringe bag to match the sandals. Sometimes my outfits are inspired more by nature than fashion, bringing together elements of comfort and natural simplicity. I couldn’t have felt more elegant in the Love Nomadic maxi dress!

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Love is Everywhere


Well I had this whole series edited and then completely forgot to post to the blog!
One of my favorites places I’ve ever visited was Salvation Mountain. I know now it seems to be a trending location thanks to all it’s recent attention after Coachella. But it was a place that has always piqued my interest, and I feel so lucky to have been able to visit during my road trip to Coachella. Even if we had to drive on through the middle of nowhere to reach it.

If you haven’t been here yet, I recommend going in the afternoon/evening when it’s not so very hot. Watching the sun set from the top of the mountain was on my bucket list, and it was just as wonderful as I had hoped. This magical place is full of such peace and good vibes. The message is clear and simple- LOVE. And I couldn’t agree more with it. Love is everywhere at Salvation Mountain. And it’s really inspiring to see a small group of people who dedicate such love and care for the masterpiece. If you don’t know the story, here’s a brief lowdown…

Salvation Mountain is an art installation in the middle of the California Desert, created by a very passionate and loving soul, Leonard Knight. He wanted to spread the message of what was burning so deeply inside his heart, and spent four years building the mountain. At first he built it with cement and filled it with sand. But the sand cause for poor structure and the mountain collapsed. He then spent several more years rebuilding it using native adobe clay and straw, then coating it with colorful paint. Though Leonard passed away in 2014, the Mountain is never really finished and continues to be built and maintained by volunteers.

I find myself filled with love when I think about the place. Someone’s passion led them to create something this beautiful to spread their love to the world in a unique way. Even his legacy continues even though he is gone. How amazing is that! I’m so thankful I got to experience Salvation Mountain and share it with you.

P.S.- there is a part 2 and part 3 coming up next, along with our Salvation Mountain film! Stay tuned!

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To satisfy my inner mermaid, we climbed to the top of the granite dells and spent the day like castaways, close to the sun, scouring the rocks barefoot and living in my favorite swimwear ever from Andi Bagus. We found the top of the cliffs covered in what I call secret mermaid pools. When the rains come down here in Arizona, they come in monsoons. The rocks turn into waterfalls, and the little pools fill with water, looking like fragments of sky sitting atop the dells.

I always feel so natural wearing Andi Bagus’ designs, and I think it was the perfect setting to embody the style of the Kulit Suede Bikini.
You can really feel the love from her label put into every stitch, and I’m so happy that we got to form a friendship about a year ago that allowed me to be her US Brand Ambassador. I will always cherish the beautiful pieces she sends me. Each time a parcel arrives from so far across the sea, it’s like Christmas morning, knowing that she really gets my style and sends me surprises from her newest collections. I will always support her Bali brand and recommend it to others! It’s easy to see how everyone loves her too, and I’m so excited about how successful her brand has become already! Be sure to check out her site if you haven’t yet!

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