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Black Friday Sales/Shopping Guide!

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With the holiday shopping craze right around the corner, I did a little wish list making of my own! I rounded up some products I love to create a holiday shopping guide for you!

We all know how stressful and overwhelming it can be trying to find the perfect gifts that suit your style, or maybe you need to give the hint to someone who’s shopping for you! Whether you’re buying for yourself, or loved ones, I hope my new discoveries help you find the perfect gifts!

But first…

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Prickly Pear – Spell Designs


With the release of the new Spell collection “Hotel Paradiso”, it’s only fitting that I release another set from the Sunset Road series we shot for them in Tucson! There are still sooo many photos that I still want to go through and edit. I took a moment and stayed up late last night doing some of that editing, because I’ve been dying to get the whole series on the blog for all the eager Spell lovers like myself!

Their brand has always connected with me on a creative level. Ever since I first discovered them and their first lookbook, I knew this brand was like an extension of my creative soul. Everything they did hit me right in the heart and I was in a constant love affair. Their hand drawn patterns brought to life in the ultimate chic and bohemian fabrics, colors, and cuts. Always flattering, always unique. It’s no wonder they’ve been finding such success with their beautiful brand these days, and I’m so happy to see them grow and be a tiny part of the Spell story with Sunset Road.

Cheers to the sisters behind the label, doing what they love and inspiring so many!

Stay tuned for more from our Sunset Road campaign. xx

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the coastal highway


Though rare, I bring you a journal post! One of the first from the series I will be calling The Letters From the Road.  Photos from our trip up the scenic coastal highway 1, our secret camp spot hidden away, and our first glimpse of autumn in the west.

I’m not going to pretend this portion of our travels were easy or peaceful, because near death driving experiences, brakes going out, and no cell service or much civilization for over 40 miles in both directions of the highway didn’t make it easy! But, the landscape….. oh the landscape was beautiful. Even in the stormy cold weather. Once we headed further north at the end of our stay, I saw how much the scenery changed to something ever so picturesque. It was muted as the earthy tones faded into autumn, browns and rust tones that shifted to the deep dark greens of the forests. The rocky coast with choppy waves created a misty cloud cover that created a feeling of being enveloped in the embrace of the mountains.

We would wake up in our airstream with clouds around us, and it was ever so quiet. Other times the sky was so clear at night, and without light pollution you could see the milky way. The first night the full moon rose up over our little mountain alcove, bright and pale as ever. The next night it was a new moon, and we carefully stumbled out in the black darkness, wrapped in blankets to photograph the stars. And suddenly in that peaceful moment I realized that every struggle that comes at us, we survive. Every moment of feeling hopeless or alone, we have each other, and the Heavens watching out for us.

And this world is utterly big.

I was forced to learn to read a map while we were trailing through the deadzone, no iPhone to give us directions, or to tell us where we wanted to go next. It’s really something when you see everything all at once- all the highways, all the streets, all the cities, and towns. When you see how many people there actually are in each small town and city and state… the map connects you and the iPhone app disconnects you- only tells you what you need to know and leaves the rest unmarked.

Our forefathers came to explore and chart the place we call our country, but now we hardly know it. I hardly see what all is here, and it’s like going through an un-lived life. “To travel is to live” and I believe that with all my heart. I can only begin to see how drastically our small little lives are changing since putting them in the hands of something bigger than ourselves. This wild unknown called adventure. I believe we are on the path that we are supposed to follow. Maybe it’s the less traveled road. Maybe it’s barely a trail, but I’m ready to blaze it with my soulmate right beside me.

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Agua Caliente


As promised, I’ve got more exclusive Spell photos from our Sunset Road Campaign! Some people were a bit eager to see this set, so I just finished the last of the editing of the RGG exclusives and decided to go ahead a upload the post early!

When I saw a photo of giant old palm trees in the midst of the desert, I had to know where it was. I did lots of digging and found this natural hot spring hidden away near the Catalina Mountains of Arizona. It was a bit out of our way, but I knew I had to go there, so we made a day trip east to see what magic was to be found. We shot a special Spell outfit, which you can see on their online store in their New Arrivals! I also quickly shot a few collabs while there, which you might have already seen sneak peeks of on my Instagram. Those will hit the blog in the near future, as well!

Agua Caliente was just as amazing as I had hoped. The lush palms were ever so tall, more elegant than any I’ve seen even on the coast. They were surrounded by white sands, lush green grass, and the natural hot springs. Some of the springs have been drying up, unfortunately, but are being gently coaxed back into existence. It was ever so peaceful to sit under them, watching them sway in the wind, leaves creating the sounds of crashing ocean waves. The shade was cool and the air was fresh. The mountains in the background were green and lit with amber sunset against a pink sky, similar to a sight I remember from Kauai years ago. And I knew exactly the feeling one might have when being lost in the desert and discovering a secret oasis. It was definitely mirage-like, heavenly, and felt like a dream. One of my favorite little discoveries while exploring the west.

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Barrio Viejo


Just a quick post coming at ya before we head off the grid again for our Fall Campaign. I’ve been wanting to edit more Sunset Road exclusives for you, but traveling has been keeping us busy. Life is certainly a lot slower when towing a 31′ vintage Airstream behind you everywhere you go. You’re more aware of where you’re going, how fast, and if you can fit or turn around if needed. And there is absolutely NO rushing, because when you try, things go horribly wrong. Most important lesson learned- just enjoy life in the slow lane. Live day to day as it unfolds, and roll with the punches. You can’t force anything, and you’ll regret it if you try! I’m learning to apply this to my everyday life in general!

Well… here’s another peak at one of the segments from our Summer Campaign in Tucson, that was dedicated all to Spell’s now released lookbook Sunset Road. Hope you enjoy! And see more of the series on their blog!

The Barrio Viejo… it means “old town” in Spanish. The remnants of a dusty little mexican village, rich with its history of culture, lies right inside of Tucson like a little hidden gem. You turn a corner into what you might think is a rundown neighborhood, only to find yourself lost in rows and rows of old adobe houses in many colors and textures. I felt transported to Mexico- to a different time. The streets were desolate during the sunbaked days, but at night the locals peddled around on bicycles and music could be heard floating through the night air and down the streets. I knew immediately that the people who reside here now either have a love for art and history in their bones, or maybe had their casa passed down to them from family to family. Now protected and being restored, this little corner of Tucson found a place in my heart, as hot as it may be!

This was actually one of the first places I looked for when we set off to shoot for the Sunset Road campaign. It was in the process of being restored by its new owners, and we were lucky enough to snag some photos against the beautifully textured backdrop. I baked in the sun with cheeks turning rosy and sun kissed, as for a moment I sat and played snippets of classical music on the guitar, inspired by my surroundings.

Continue to stay tuned for more exclusive images of our Sunset Road adventures for Spell!

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