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Korakia | part 2


We arrived at Korakia in Palm Springs right after the sun dipped behind the rocky mountain backdrop. The earth still radiated with a heat I’d never experienced before. I’ve been in Death Valley on the salt flats in the direct sun, and I’ve been in Tucson during August. But this was different. It was like standing in a clay oven heated by the sun, and radiating with the solar energy. It was quite the experience, but I sort of got used to it by the end of our stay.

We shot for Spell for 2 days, and before leaving I was determined to take location photos of every pretty thing I saw and fell in love with while there. So we walked around, camera in hand, snapping away. It was nearly impossible to stand in the sun longer than 15 seconds. Even for the above photo I had to keep running to the shade in-between shots to keep from frying. You could have fried your bacon on the sidewalk! And speaking of breakfast, we had the most delicious avocado toast with tomatoes, early in the morning, under a canopy of umbrellas and tree branches strung with moroccan lanterns.

Every little corner of Korakia holds something beautiful and inspiring. Like I’ve said, it’s photogenic from every angle. I could have shot there for days had I had the time and the temps were lower. It was quite the survival process making it through the 2 days we were there!

Palm trees swayed above, casting long shadows on daybeds. The pops of color from the bougainvillea bushes scattered throughout the hotel brought the desert to life. Little nooks created with billowing white curtains provided escapes from the sun, while the 2 different pools became the watering hole for us and the other guests to destress and mingle. There wasn’t much to do out there besides let go of any of your cares and just be in the moment.

Moroccan music plaid from hidden speakers around the hotel, so I felt transported to another world. I was sweating profusely just to traverse the winding paths through the pensione in order to capture these photos, utterly grateful for my favorite straw hat to keep me protected from the sun, but I knew it was all worth it to have these amazing photos to share and keep forever!

I hope you enjoy them, and be sure to share to Pinterest! Comment below if you love these types of photos and would want to see more resort and wanderlust photos on the blog here!


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Welcome to Korakia | part 1

Sarah Loven visits Korakia Hotel in Palm Springs

Korakia, which I’ve dubbed my desert oasis, has been on my travel hit list since I found a photo of one of the daybeds and went on a mad hunt to find out where it was from. I was mystified by the beauty of this moroccan gem, and ecstatic to find it hidden right under my nose in Palm Springs. I had plans of visiting, and when we were brought on to shoot the film for Spell Design’s “Oracle” collection, I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect place to create the magic for their collection.

I’m so excited I can finally share these photos with you now that the collection has launched, and give you a broader picture of the little moroccan world that was a part of the lookbook. There were so many gorgeous nooks and crannies, I wanted to share it all with you! I took so many photos, and could barely narrow it down to less than 100, and so had to split it into 2 part blog posts! I’m sure you’ll find more than enough inspiration and “Pinterest worthy” pins in both posts, as even I get major wanderlust after looking at the photos again! It took me a while to edit them all, but here they finally are! Stay tuned for part 2 with even more gorgeousness you can hardly imagine! I’ll be telling you more about our stay and the details of the beautiful hotel.

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Indian Summer


It’s Indian Summer in Southern California, and I’m glad, because I get to frolic around barefoot a little longer, and in one of my favorite dresses from Réalisation. As I had a strong need to change my style this year, this French inspired brand has been one of my go-to’s for the exact look I envision. Something effortless and statement-making I can throw on and go. It’s dreamy, romantic, playful, sexy… With staple silk pieces you need one of in every color. I’ve been thoroughly inspired, and I seem to fall in love with life a little more when wearing their designs.

Life in the canyon has been like an extended retreat, surrounded by nature and quiet. Swimming in a lonely pool, surrounded by canyon walls and a canopy of trees overhead. Picking wild pomegranates and eating their sweet and bitter seeds, staining my lips with their ruby tint. Exploring every morning and soaking up the rays of the sun. Seeing clear blue skies everyday, devoid of smog and chemtrails. Standing under a giant old tree covered in pollen, and listening to it’s impressive hum as millions of bumble bees harvest pollen from every corner of it’s branches. Watching wood peckers, and all sorts of canyon dwellers part of this little ecosystem, survive with us in this dusty hidden corner of the world.

Perfectly placed not far from the coastal life, I’ve been able to have the best of both worlds. The beach is nearby, and the canyon, reminiscent of the desert, has added another world to the list of different terrains I’ve called home. We liked it so much here, able to live a bit wild and free, we ended up staying most the summer, which provided us the opportunity to work on some rather big and exciting things. I keep hinting at these things, wanting to tell you all about them. But I can’t rush the process behind them, and it’ll happen when it’s supposed to. But for now, just know that there are some big new things on the horizon for me and Ready Gypset Go. Can you guess what they might be? 😉

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Poolside at Korakia


Lounging in the shade on the 115º degree day. When you’re at Korakia, you become one with the desert oasis. With Moroccan beauty at every turn, and moroccan music playing from every corner of the resort, you start to think maybe you woke up in a different part of the world. A peaceful place where fountains trickle around you, giant palm trees sway above you, and there are cushions and day beds everywhere to lounge on while escaping the sun. The sun bakes the ground so it’s too hot to walk around much, instead you are forced to stop doing and just sit and soak it in. The heat create a sauna-like effect, and I feel like I ended up in a trance-like meditation of pleasant acceptance.

It was the day after our shoot filming for Spell Designs Oracle collection, and both Josh and I were totally beat. We took to the pool like a couple of desert animals at the watering hole, and that little patch of shade under the umbrella became our little world while we recouped our energy. We were served a cheese platter with grapes and pistachios poolside, which was utter bliss after being on our feet the whole day before. I think sitting there in that moment, shrugging off all the craziness from the day before and clearing my mind, it was one of the happiest I’ve been in a while. Maybe it took enduring the desert heat and long shooting hours to get me to finally breathe. Everything before leading up to this day, and even after, was crazy busy with travels and work. So I often think back to my Perrier sipping, pistachio munching, palm tree gazing moment as one of my happy places. I hope to go back again soon!

Stay tuned for more amazing photos from Korakia and the Oracle shoot!

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Chasing Endless Summer | part 2


With Fall creeping in, I think of amber light, layered clothing, and cozy road trip vibes! For this shoot, named Gold Dust Woman, Sea Gypsies envisioned a more retro style, taking it back to the gold old 70’s. We decked out the sunshine orange VW bus from VW Surfari Wagons in complete vintage boho goodness, all props from our Airstream of course.

It was a huge campaign, shooting photos and the video for 2 straight days. We played all the good tunes such as the Green Onions, Beetles, Fleetwood Mac, Jimmy Hendrix, the Beach Boys, etc. It was early summer, still practically spring, and my hair was still crazy long at this time. People couldn’t help but stop and watch the scene up on the top of the cliff at El Moro Canyon, with the big blue ocean behind. It was the perfect spot, practically Pinterest famous (if you’ve seen that airstream photo overlooking the same beach), to camp out in a VW with the ocean crashing in the background. Couldn’t have been any better! This is why I love California so much, and will always be chasing my endless summer.

Watch the film!

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