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With all the blog work I do full time, I find it hard to make time for personal work. As an artist, I’ve relied heavily on spontaneity and creative time to keep me balanced and happy throughout my life. Lately, I feel like all I’ve been good for is creating my art for other people. And that’s not what I developed this lifestyle for.

So this one day, during mercury retrograde (of course), I was feeling really down. I tend to want to shed everything (I’m eccentric like that), and be unapologetically myself when I get in these slumps. At home I’m usually wearing little to no clothes in the morning because, well, I guess I get tired of always thinking about what I’m wearing. And that sort of played into this little impromptu shoot. Josh and I decided, instead of working today, we would shoot something that was only for us. I wasn’t advertising or representing any brands, I wasn’t thinking about getting the best product shots. I wasn’t rushing around on location like a crazy chicken. I just modeled myself, my personality. And I cared about nothing, and felt more fulfilled at the end than I had in a while.

Like I always say, it’s important to do that something for yourself. Whatever it is. Swim naked in the pool. Drink wine on a blanket under the stars. Ride a bicycle with no apparent destination. I, personally, enjoy learning French/singing in French. It’s something that I do just for myself, can do any time, and it acts like an escape from the daily mundane.

These “selfish,” sacred moments are where we reconnect with ourselves to maintain inner peace, and find satisfaction with who we are!

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May Flowers


May flowers inspire me, and spring represents a more metaphorical time for me in that is it literally the time of rebirth and new beginnings for the earth. I don’t even have to think about it, because it’s in nature and affects my instinct accordingly. Not to mention, earlier this month (May 6th) was a new moon in Taurus. A new moon is generally a good time to set intentions, and this Taurus new moon in spring gives us fertile ground to plant seeds that we’d like to see grow in our life. It can be personal, people related, or business related. Maybe you feel it too… the shift in the air, a sort of lightness.

I woke up the other day with new found inspiration and creativity. And it didn’t matter how busy and tired I was, this new inspiration breathed energy and life into me anew. And as Mercury Retrograde finally fades out, things become clearer and more tangible. More stable. I kept saying to Josh how I felt like a door in the universe opened up, presenting all new possibilities I thought would only be somewhere far off in the future.

Being the more sensitive person I am, I usually get these strong feelings and urges, in which I turn to some research and find out I’m spot on with my “premonitions”.

I felt a sudden release of stress that had built up during Mercury Retrograde- where I was feeling extremely self-conscious, and down about myself and my work. I felt like I had to meet so many expectations, their weight heavy on my shoulders. But then it was like I woke up one day and everything was brighter. I had one simple idea come to me in the morning, and by the end of the day, I had freely given in to this “flow” and it allowed me to create something in mere hours that I never thought would come to be for years. I want to describe it like a river from the universe, that wound its way across my path. And instead of ignoring it, I jumped in and let it show me where it could go. Where I could go.

Okay, so that’s pretty abstract, I know. But I wanted to write about it because it’s so utterly inspiring to me right now. I think it’s something that we can all definitely experience right now, during this season of new beginnings. If we were to tune out of the noise society makes, and tune in to ourselves and the nature of the universe, great things can happen starting right here, right now. I’m feeling those vibes, are you?!

Speaking of tuning in, now is the perfect time to practice being grounded. Literally, spending 10 minutes a day, barefoot and connected to the earth. I’ve talked about this before. Earthing may sound silly, but it’s actually a way to shed stress, fatigue, and depression. The health benefits of connecting with the earth’s natural energy is necessary for vibrant health. Isolating ourselves from the earth by non-conductive materials like rubber and plastic shoes, wood, laminate, asphalt, etc. is really unnatural when you just think about it. When we make direct contact with the surface of the earth, our bodies receive that charge of energy that heals and restores balance.

We know the sun gives us vitamin D and warmth that creates life, you can look at it like grounding is a connection to the natural battery that we live on and are a part of. It’s like its own vitamin. This is one reason I love being one the beach for an entire day. You may know the feeling after a day at the beach, going home with the gentle heavy buzz like you just spent the day meditating and napping. A sort of sleepy contentment. A balance.

Now that warm weather is returned, and we’ve survived the long season cut off from the outdoors, it’s almost mandatory to get back to nature to catch up and restore balance. This holiday weekend is a perfect chance to practice that!

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Mermaid on Duty


This season I’m taking my beach style a little more French Riviera. I’ve been heavily inspired by the stylish and yet casual, lux lifestyle of the coastal Parisians. Some of you may have noticed a shift in my wardrobe, and may be surprised to see this new look in place of my typical bohemian outfits.

I’m always a big fan of getting a fresh start, and taking a new perspective. My styles usually shift with my mood, as does everything involved, such as Instagram feed color scheme, photography style, hair, makeup, etc. But I’m making a more permanent change, saying goodbye to the heavy bohemian prints and layers of jewels, and slipping into a more sensual, romantic, and simplified wardrobe I’ve suddenly fallen in love with.

The light airiness of Riviera style, and the certain sass (or je ne sais quoi) that I love from the Parisians, will find it’s way into my daily style And it’ll be meshed with some personal flair I’m excited to experiment with in upcoming shoots. I think you’ll really love this cheeky new look as it is revealed in more of my posts. And hopefully it inspires you to try some new things with your own style this season!

XOXO, Sarah

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Desert Wildflower


I’ve been meaning to finish writing and editing my unreleased photos from our Spell ‘Sunset Road’ campaign, and it was perfect timing that they also released their latest collection ‘Revolver’!

When doing the location scouting and research for this series, I wanted to take it to the roots of the desert and it’s historic scenes one might find in an old western movie, or some other country. When I found this mission through much online digging, it was one of the top places I knew we had to shoot at. It created the perfect backdrop to tell the story of a Desert Wildflower, ever roaming and becoming a part of that dusty, ethereal landscape.

We shot here first thing early in the morning, under the hot sun and blown by the breeze. We explored the inner courtyard and I fell in love with the old Mexican architecture. Once the sun hit golden hour, and silence fell upon the mission, we returned to the empty grounds to capture the magical light falling on the scene. I felt like I was in a movie, wearing the most breezy dress and dance-worthy fringe jacket to run around in. As always, that magical light never last long enough, and even though I wanted it to last forever for more photos, the sky faded into pastel pinks and lavenders, and the silhouettes of saguaro cactus and the mission towers stood against the sky.

It was a magical place that always inspires a dreamy story when I see the photos. And I’m so excited I finally got them on the blog to share them with you!

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Into the Jungle


Days like these always got me craving a little less complication and a bit more simplicity. Like the kind of simplicity of life in my all-time favorite movie The Blue Lagoon. I always come back to those scenes of lazy sunny beach days, and escaping away into the tropical jungle. I want to wear flowers and feathers and pearls from the sea in my hair, and live out my days in a tree house with my love.

Needless to say, that is a goal of ours and I plan to make it happen in the future one way or another!

For now, I’ll just be happy to wiggle into a one piece (my current swimsuit of choice), roll around in the sand a little, and collect palm leaves to make a beach fort. So what if I’m a grown up, summer makes me feel like a child and I just want to go playyyy outside!

PS- if you’re new here, yes this was my real hair. I chopped it off about 2 months ago!

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