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the heat of summer


It’s the heat of summer and it’s got me thinking about palm trees and bikini days spent under the sun, exploring in Florida. We were homeless beach bums, sleeping out of the back of our jeep and waking up every morning with the same routine. I was just thinking about how much I miss that time. Wake up early, head to the cafe and grab iced chai lattes, chocolate croissants, and edit photos form the day before. Then run along to the beach and spend the entire day in the sand and water, exploring and shooting and shooting some more. I still have so many shoots from the Florida Archives that I’m picking through. So many good memories of having no responsibilities and no schedule. It was absolutely the best feeling I ever had, knowing that waking up to this daily routine was my “job”.

And to be honest, we only had enough money for gas and some food, and it was the simplicity of it all that made me feel utterly free from the world. Like I was outside of it, and could run and laugh and have no worries. I was free from the mundane normalcy. It made me feel young, and ageless. It taught me how, being down to the bare minimum is sometimes having more than all the richest you think you need, because what really can the world give you, that freedom from it can not?

Making that sacrifice to go with nothing and just be, to take the leap and forget the fear… it was the official beginning. I knew I could live this life of wandering and wondering. Being homeless isn’t as hard as it seems. It may be a little scary, but you so easily get the hang of it, if you’re truly a wandering soul. If you’re looking for more, forget about society. It’s a spiritual experience we all look for, and we will only find it when we shed what we find comfortable and familiar, to see through new eyes and live everyday with an open mind. Bear your soul to the world- searching it is easily done when you have nothing clothing it.

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Trail Blazer


The wonderful thing about Arizona is that you can just pick a direction and go, and within an hour or so, you’re in a completely different terrain. The state is known for having some terrain in it somewhere that can be found in every other state. Thus, the photographer’s dream. One of the reasons we chose Arizona for our home base was because of the many photo options with all the terrains. The other reasons were because we simply fell in love with the clear air and huge sky… The wildness of it… It’s western vibe. Arizona is an extremely young state, and feels so undeveloped compared to the east coast or the west shoreline. You can go off on a dirt road and literally find yourself in the middle of nowhere, because they haven’t developed anything that far yet.

I love opening a map and finding locations that are only hours away. We are planning our AZ road trips and prepping for big new things, and I’ve completely filled up on collaborations! It’s so good to know that everyone is on board with our adventures, and that we have so many creatives taking a part in our journey to discover and inspire the world. Not everyone can travel, and I am sad that this seems to be the truth for so many. Because we should be free to roam the earth. But at least Ready Gypset Go can show people how to see the world through eyes of wonder. And maybe through this we can blaze a trail that others can follow when they’re ready.

Long live the wanderers and the trail blazers.

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the mermaid life


As we desert drift, I dream about cool crisp ocean water and wet sand. Something I lived with everyday while we were homeless on the beach, during our travels around the coast of Flordia. Such is the mermaid life that has been engrained on my soul. I’ll always be most at home near the water. On our very first road trip across the country to California, someone said something to us that has always stuck. They said, “If you get stressed out, or overwhelmed, just go to the water.” And that has been the best cure ever since I learned it. Everything clears out and quiets down when you hit the coast. Something wild and freeing drifts in on the ocean air, and you know you’re safe there. This force of nature, untamable by humankind, can take care of you. Better than any medication.

So I pass along the advice- just go to the water…

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Take me to Tucumcari


I had this feeling we needed to pull off onto Historical Route 66. I sometimes happen to get really lucky and end up at a place I wanted to shoot at, but didn’t know it was nearby. The Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari was one of those places. We rolled in with our airstream along behind us and parked on what seemed a desolate street. Around the corner was the Blue Swallow Motel and other famous sites! We had most definitely stepped into a time warp, taking us into a town that seemed like it hadn’t moved into the future. Old cars were scattered throughout, left with doors unlocked and keys in ignition as if that’s exactly where time forgot them. I normally wouldn’t jump into a random empty car, but as you may have noticed in the last Route 66 post, that’s just what I did. Couldn’t resist!

Dripping in sweat and battered by the wind, we explored the Motel and met a couple strangers, learning about the slow paced life of Tucumcari and its few residents. I soak in so much from my experiences, and rolling out of there made us feel as if we had stepped into the past and took a little bit of it with us.

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pale drifter


I aim to bring you guys my favorite trends, as well as the best shopping opportunities! Because not only do I love traveling and blogging, but I simply love fashion. I support many brands with my photography and promotion, but I also want to give back to you, my lovely readers! You may know that around once a month I do massive closet sales, selling my lightly used clothing at sometimes half the cost of the original price. If you guys love what I wear and can get more wear out of things than I do, then it makes it all the more worth it. And any funds from the sales help support the blog and our travels, so we can keep up this great opportunity to support each other!

So starting now, you’ll be able to shop my looks upon the release of my blog posts, rather than waiting all month. Just click the link at the bottom of my post to shop my Spreesy Shop, or my Closet Instagram! So be sure to check in regularly if you love something you see me style, because things go quick!
(I post sneak peaks on instagram before releasing the whole post!)

And if you happen to miss out, you can always shop the brand!

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