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Hello babes! I’m popping by from my hiatus to share with you something I’ve currently come to love! And that thing is Skinfix!

I know I’ve been MIA after NYE. But I haven’t been taking a vacation. Instead, I’ve been working every day and late nights on some exciting new projects, one of which is about to launch any day now! That being said, my skin is taking a major beating with all the lack of sleep. It’s been pretty much non-stop since NYE night, so when Skinfix reached out to me, I was very interested in their Brightening Eye Cream. I was also excited when they surprised me with their Moisture Boost Serum and Lip Repair Balm.

Here’s what I have to say about these products…!

First 3 days trying Moisture Boost Serum and Brightening Eye Cream… I was in love! I’m not kidding you when I say the skin on my face became soft as a baby’s bottom. I noticed a shrink in my pore size, which gave a much smoother feel and appearance to my face. The eye cream did as it promised, and added a bit of life back to my dark under eye shadows. It sort of filled them out and brightened them. I did notice some skin sensitivity under my eyes when using both morning and night- all you need is the tiniest little dab of cream, and you must rub it in very gently, as this area of your face is delicate skin. My advice would be to apply only the tiniest amount when you have dark circles, first thing in the morning. And give it a little time before applying makeup! The Moisture Boost Serum played nicely with my skin, and smells like fresh cucumbers. But I also noticed some skin sensitivity when applying it, and then applying any other product with fragrance after. So, a big plus for the ultra smooth skin, but I’d definitely avoid using multiple products with fragrance added on your face. Or space them out through the day.

As for the Lip Repair Balm, it’s totally on the top of my list for dry lip solutions. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can never find a chapstick or balm that doesn’t actually dry out my lips more. This Balm didn’t give me that problem, so I vote yes and call it a keeper.

Altogether, Skinfix products have treated me much nicer than a lot of other products have, so I definitely recommend! Just keep in mind that your skin is a sponge, so be aware of what products you layer up on! If you have weird skin symptoms, it may be just from strong product combinations. When that happens, stop using everything and introduce only one product at a time to see how your skin handles it. This Moisture Boots Serum is a good one to start with!


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2016 Recap Video

Another year has come and gone. A year of highs and lows, of new friends and old, of adventures that will forever last in memory, and experiences that took my breath away. Whatever happened this last year, whether good or bad, I’m left smiling when I make our annual recap video. I don’t want to hate the year, or have an attitude of disappointment. I look back fondly at all the things that have come to pass. I’m thankful, even for the hard times, having taught me to be wiser, stronger, and to persevere. To see the beauty in where I am now, and to chase my dreams furiously.

I don’t need to think about all the if’s and when’s, because I’m celebrating all the things that made me grow this year. That’s what NYE is about- not saying fuck it to your last year, but saying thank you. If we don’t look back in appreciation, taking this chance to learn from a whole year of our life, we will never be the person we aim to be. You can’t be a better version of yourself without appreciating the person that you once were. You can cry about it, scream, or laugh. But acknowledge your last year, and say THANK YOU. You were alive, you were loved, you had a chance to become whatever it is you dream of becoming. And you never have to give up. 2017 starts tomorrow, and you will continue to chase your dreams and make new ones. And I hope our 2016 recap inspires you to do just that.

Happy New Year, friends. I SERIOUSLY love you!

xx Sarah

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Sarah Loven X Dove for NYE

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Making big plans for NYE day and the party that night! That not only means planning my outfits and hair styles ahead of time (which includes lots of rose gold to match my pink hair), but preparing for the effects of the long day! With all the holiday hustle happening between shoots and parties, I’m relying on my new favorite dry shampoo from Dove to save my holiday hair style. This gives me an extra day or two without having to wash and restyle, and I’m a big fan of getting as much use out of a hair-do as possible. Thank you, Dove, for partnering with me for this!

My first impression after trying the Dove Refresh+Care Detox and Purify Dry Shampoo, was just “YES”! Big name and epic results. It sprayed on lightly, but with amazing even coverage. And it left my hair smooth and weightless, not dense and chalky feeling like other Dry Shampoos. Best part is that it’s formulated for all hair types and colors, and cleanses and removes oils, without leaving visible residue.

How to use:

Step 1: Shake can before and during use. Spay on lifted sections of dry hair, 8-12 inches from roots, where hair is most oily.

Step 2: Massage through roots to absorb oil evenly.

Step 3: Brush through for hair that is revived and clean.

It’s available for purchase at mass retailers such as,,, and for $3.99! A must have to keep in your purse!

Join me in the #SkipAWashChallenge on Instagram!

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Definitely Rose


Sometimes, just when you think things aren’t going your way, everything comes together to create magic. That’s what happened for this shoot. I had a dress I’d been waiting to style, a partnership with Bronzallure, and just a tiny bit of time between other holiday work. This season has been the busiest of my year, and I was pretty much ready to escape to the nearest wide open place and create something that made ME happy.

The sun was almost setting and we had no idea how high we had to hike to get to the summit with the view I’d seen so many times from the highway. I had to hike in a dress, nonetheless. When we got to the tiny peak, I was worried. It wasn’t much space to shoot, I had to put on heels and try to balance on the rocks with steep edges that dropped off to nowhere, and the sun was almost gone. I was pretty certain it was a wasted effort, and that the photos wouldn’t turn out.

Queue the perfect post-sunset colors that painted the mountains the same color as my hair, and a dress that matched perfectly with the tones. The icing on the cake was the rose gold jewelry from Bronzallure, styled to complete holiday perfection. It was like looking at the world through rose colored glasses. I could have chosen an easier spot to shoot, as much of my client work demands, but I was determined to do something that inspired me, and I’m ever so glad I did. These have to be some of my favorite photos this season!

The gorgeous Bronzallure collection I wear is called Alba, and features cultured mother of pearl, and 18k rose gold plated Brozallure patented blend. As they claim, luxury has never been so affordable! And I’m obsessed with the way the rose gold collection styles so easily with all my outfits, dressed up or down. Just a touch of rose goes a very long, luxe way.

Shop the Collection

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Cozy Holiday Dreaming

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We have officially put up our big Christmas tree outside, decorated and all! We were a little behind this year with all the business of work, but I’m finally in full on festive mode, thanks to lights hanging everywhere, holiday music streaming, and cozy sweater weather. I’ve refreshed the Airstream with some new pillows (if you liked my previous ones, I’m selling them!) that warm up the space with a rosy glow. Mauve is making it’s way everywhere throughout my wardrobe and decor, as you might have noticed. And I’m obsessed with touches of copper to accent it all. I’m stuck in perpetual nesting mode once it gets chilly outside. I just want to create the coziest space to snuggle up in blankets and sip on European drinking chocolate.

I like to go out and experience the holiday buzz, then come back in the evening to have a stay home date night with Josh. I recently learned what Wassail is (“here we come a’Wassailing”), and have been making my own spiced holiday drink to sip on. Spiked of not, it’s so yummy poured over ice in a mule mug! See Recipe below… And if you try it out, let me know what you think!


Iced Holiday Wassail Recipe

1 Part Wassail from Trader Joe’s
1 Part Ginger Beer
Vodka (to taste)
Fresh Squeezed Orange (1 wedge)
Orange Peel for Garnish

Shake before mixing with Ginger Beer, then pour over ice and garnish!

Happy Holidays!


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